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Elegant PDF conversion

Drop-in replacement for wkhtmltopdf using Docker, Electron and Go

Convert web page:

Simple CLI

Convert your first document in just two lines

Install Athena:

docker pull arachnysdocker/athenapdf

Convert an HTML document:

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/converted/ arachnysdocker/athenapdf athenapdf [input_path_or_url] [output_path]

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Make PDFs beautiful

Control everything about your PDF output

Using Electron, Athena creates print-quality PDFs in any paper size.

The Docker image supports every major language.

Aggressive mode allows you to convert high-quality docs even when CSS is damaged or missing.

Deploy anywhere

Incredibly simple packaging allows you to deploy anywhere Docker is installed

Athena comes bundled with Weaver (a HTTP server for deployment as a microservice)

View the Weaver readme to find our how to deploy your own convert farm on Amazon Elastic Container Service.

Original HTML

This is our source page


Converted using Arachnys Athena, with reliable conversion in hundreds of languages

Athena (Aggressive Mode)

Converted with Arachnys Athena using aggressive mode to distill readable text

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About Arachnys

Arachnys provides intelligent risk and compliance technology to help everyone from investment banks to fintech startups fight money laundering, corruption and other financial crimes.

Conduct due diligence checks on individuals or companies in a structured, intelligent and auditable fashion.

We have offices in London and New York and are always interested in hiring exceptional engineers.

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